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Choosing the right software tools and resources is essential to growing your business and getting more customers in the door, more profit in your pocket, and more happiness in your home.

The Foot Traffic team only recommends online platforms that we use to manage and grow our own business in order to save you time and eliminate stress when choosing. 

Many of these links are affiliate links, which means I may get a commission if you purchase. 
However, none of the fees of these resources have been increased to compensate me. 

Marketing Software and Tools

Manage all your team's work in one place with monday․com. No more endless e-mail threads or long meetings! With monday.com you can keep track of everything your team's working on, communicate in context, and get started in minutes with a super easy set-up!

Our go-to funnel building software. LOTS of options for different funnel functions, drag and drop design. Everything you need to get a successful funnel up and running quickly.

Another funnel software we love. A huge variety of designs by a women-owned business. They’re currently (09/2021) running a founding members’ rate with extensive features and benefits.  

This software allows us to manage our leads, track the buyer journey and track our brand and social media messaging all in one place.  

With Deadline Funnel, we can integrate directly with our email provider, landing page builder, and website platform to create and track evergreen campaigns. Once a subscriber is added to a campaign, we use this software to show each subscriber their own unique deadline when they click from an email to visit your sales page. 

All of our subscriber emails come from ConvertKit. It’s very customizable and reasonably priced.

Community provides a 10-digit phone number to deliver messages directly to our amazing fans and clients. This software provides innovative tools to communicate on a large scale. It’s easy to text one person in your community or thousands. And the content and metadata of those conversations is yours. Privacy is a priority and members can easily opt out at any time. 

The platform we trust to host our incredible vault of resources and lessons for all of our programs.

Our go-to site for customized swag, printed logos, and merchandise. 

Team Organization

This software program is our payroll processor. We also use it for team members to request time off and provide payroll information. 

Bamboo is an HR software that collects and organizes all employee info from hiring, to onboarding, to preparing compensation, to building culture, and it streamlines and simplifies the entire process for you!

We use this project management system to complete tasks and track efficiency. This really helps our remote team communicate what needs to be done and implement a workflow. 

I consider this a “must” for any team members. When someone leaves, you can still access their email and whatever they were working on in drive. 

Our management team and I went through this book together this summer. And all team members took the Predictable Success strengths analysis. 

We strive for hiring processes to get the right people in the right positions. This book provides valuable insight into how to hire, coach, and retain top talent.

Knowing what can break apart a team is just as important as knowing what it takes to build a strong one. This book outlines the common pitfalls of growing and managing a team.

Business & Marketing Books

Any successful business is built from authentic connection and genuine engagement. This book lays out how to build your community.

How to create tech products customer’s love 

Mindset Books

This book, written by neuroscientist Dr. Joe Dispenza, is a mindset game changer. You can rewire your brain for success and this book is full of action you can start taking right now.

Another best seller by Dr. Joe Dispenza. This one dives deep into psychological, physiological, and even quantum physics factors that point us toward how we create our own realities. 

Rooted in the concept that wealth and abundance come from within, this book by David Cameron Gikandi reveals what it really takes to improve your financial situation by changing your outlook.

A well-known book by Jen Sincero. Straight talk about letting go of your blocks around making money and practical tips to grow your bank account.


Need I explain how amazing the MacBook Pro is? If you know, you know.  

I love airpods because they are so comfortable. I can wear them all day and hardly notice them and they have great sound. 

This ring light helps so much when my office is gloomy. It really lights up my face without being too bright. 

Everything else I record with my phone. But I love this camera for YouTube. My set up also includes Camera Wireless Remote, Camera 65” Tripod, Rode VideoMic Microphone with mount, and this lighting kit.  


This simple addition to my office has made such a big difference in my productivity. I love standing at my desk for coaching calls. 

I love brainstorming on 
this 36x24, lightweight dry erase board! It comes with a rubber-footed, adjustable tripod stand and features a clipboard option at the top so it can be used as a flip chart as well! 

This whiteboard is 72 x 40 inches of magnetic dry erase magic! Tons of space, easy to wipe clean, smooth writing surface, scratch resistant, and compatible with all dry-erase markers. It can be hung at any height with flexible mounting. Did I mention magnetic?!

This planner is designed from the latest research in the science of productivity and goal-setting. It uses a simple three-step system, and you can connect your big annual goals to your daily action so you’re always making progress. 

Peak Performance

A lot of my personal favorites are things to help me get more productive and healthier which will affect how I work and show up in life. I am very aware of how I am fueling my body.

This sleep mask is SO comfortable. I love that it’s contoured and includes memory foam.

All the brilliant visionary ideas I have as a CEO can be a bit much for my brain when I’m ready to shut it off for the night. These CBD capsules are perfect for helping me drift off. Save $20 with my link!

This blend of Vitamin B6, Magnesium, L-Theanine, 5-HTP, GABA, Holy Basil & Ashwagandha alleviates stress, promotes calm, and keeps me focused.

Health & Wellness

A lot of my personal favorites are things to help me get more productive and healthier which will affect how I work and show up in life. I am very aware of how I am fueling my body.

I don’t know what I’d do without my Peloton! To be able to customize my workout and easily incorporate meditation into my exercise routine is a game-changer. If you want to get one of your own AND snag an extra $100 in accessories, be sure to use my referral code at checkout! ANTJA4

A sauna feels so good in the long WI winter months. It keeps my mood elevated so I can be productive even in low light seasons. Be sure to tell the sauna specialist you work with that I sent you their way! 

When I need a little extra flavor, this is my go-to. 

Combining electrolyte balance with flavorful water that doesn’t spike my blood sugar is my favorite way to stay hydrated.

Knowing what foods and allergens to avoid, and understanding thyroid function is essential to staying in peak performance mode. 

Because I talk SO much, I’m struggling with my voice. I use this whenever i’m feeling scratchy or feel a cold coming on.

Beekeeper’s brand to the rescue again. This blend does wonders for mental clarity when I need to create a presentation or do a speaking engagement.

Health & Wellness Books

Intuitive fasting is something I do periodically when I need a detox. This book makes it simple to follow through with this strategy in a healthy way. 

Inflammation in the body will stop you in your tracks and make achieving your goals so much harder. This book is really eye-opening and provides helpful steps you can take to combat inflammation. 

This book really got me started on my health journey and really 
  changed everything when I had kids. 

Holistic nutritionist and wellness consultant, Kelly Leveque makes eating healthy practical with her Food Freedom program. I love that this book is all about living a balanced life, not just an instruction manual for what not to eat. 

Self Care

This feels amazing and leaves my skin really smooth and feeling clean.

This roller is great for when I need a pick-me-up or I have puffiness or dark circles from traveling.  

I love using a gunshua to stimulate lymph circulation and prevent wrinkles.


This stuff works well, smells great, and doesn’t have any dangerous additives or chemicals.

I use this for body wash, baths, washing my face, all the things. One bottle lasts a while and I love that I can get clean without chemicals. 


Staying organized when I travel is a must. I love that these dividers keep things from shifting and keep items easy to find when I need them.

TSA approved ice packs are a must.

Lightweight and easy to bring snacks with me on a flight.

Of course my carryon bag is a FT brand color! Love the way this one glides and moves.

These are sourced from grass-fed, pasture-raised bovine and absorbed quickly by the body for maximum health benefits. I love this product because it helps improve the look, feel and overall health of my hair, skin, nails, joints, etc.

These are a great way to make sure I get enough protein on-the-go.

Seriously so delicious. I eat so many of these and they must come with me when I travel..

This is what I grab when I need something flavorful, need an energy boost, and need to stay hydrated. They’re so good! 

For drink mixing on-the-go.

Filtered water is essential and this bottle keeps me from buying plastic bottle 

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