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What's Possible?

How do you know that this will really work for YOU? Every small business is different, so here are a few stories from some of our members about what the Foot Traffic Formula has done for their business.

Aubrey Bursch
Easy School Marketing

"One of the reasons that I chose to work with Stacy was because she offered something so unique. (Believe me, I'm total Type A personality, so I did lots of spreadsheets to figure out which coach was best for me).

 The fact that Stacy is not only a mom, an entrepreneur, a businesswoman with both brick and mortar and online, but she also values prioritizing your family.

She believes in being active and successful in your business , but also being successful at home.. 

That was tremendously valuable for me to see, and to have that as my role model and an aspiration for myself as I'm growing my business to see that you can be successful in both areas and you don't have to sacrifice your home life and your time with your children to have a successful business. 

And so I'm very glad that I chose to work with Stacy so that she's helped me see results in my business without sacrificing that time with my family, being able to enjoy both!"

Megan Sumrell

"I recently joined Foot Traffic Formula, and I just had to share some incredible news. 

I was pretty hesitant to join. 

I've been burned by some other online courses before where I feel like they're really good at teaching the what, but no one ever talks about the how.

Well, this program hasn't even officially started because I joined early and in less than a week I've already had one on one calls with her team, I've been given specific things to change in my funnel, and I've already jumped into action. 

I am completely blown away by the level of support and education and the thing hasn't even officially launched yet. I can't wait to see what's going to happen the next 12 months."

"I had to come back to share...I turned 2 ads on early Tuesday morning...
I’ve sold 3 courses since then. Could this actually be WORKING?!

You guys...I can’t even believe what’s happening...
People are buying my course I can’t thank this program enough. 
 I’ve learned so much since joining FTF, and I know I never would’ve 
had the push and accountability to JUST DO IT without this program. 

 My only regret is that I didn’t join sooner. 
 I sat on the fence of indecision for so long because 
I was unsure if it could work for me. 

But here’s what I know is true, Marketing Always Works. 
 This program is just showing me HOW to make it work for me."

Kayla Payne
Painted By Kayla Payne

"During FTF you liked to hear our wins. This isn’t directly FTF related, just an overall Stacy Tuschl win. I started listening to your podcast earlier this year and it’s been a game changer. I started my studio as a Junior in college, 11 years ago, and I didn’t have a clue what I was doing! Actually for the past 10 years, I have been pretty clueless. As I was listening to the episode with your sister again today, I heard you say something about where your business was just 6 years ago, well probably 7 years ago by now. That you basically went in and changed things, trained almost an all new office staff, etc. It gave me so much hope because I’m in my 11th year now too, and just now really nailing down all of my systems. I started the process of slowly pulling myself out of my business when my son was born 7 years ago, but I didn’t leave enough of a trail for anyone to follow what I was doing. I never could have imagined that at some point, I would be able to drive to our recital tonight, without feeling stressed. But I did! Or that I could sit in the audience tonight if I wanted to, and know that everything was going to run without me. But it could! A few years ago, I actually laughed out loud at the thought of that. So I just want to thank you for igniting in me a passion for business. I have a new level of confidence that I CAN do this. I could never teach another dance class in my life, and still be perfectly fulfilled by being the visionary in my business. So thank you for all that you give, and for leading by example!"

Danielle Robinette
Ripon Academy Of Dance

"I just looked at my October financials and 
October 2019 sales were up 50% from October 2018. 

I have a small email list and a small following on social, 
but a very engaged one and it's really starting to pay off! 
Also, something happened in my newsletter broadcast that 
has NEVER happened before. 

I received 6 responses from customers thanking me for 
providing so much value in my newsletter and 
not just pushing promotions on them. 

It blew me away! 
Getting really serious about my marketing and having a marketing strategy makes me feel like I'm going from just a business to a brand."

Sharon Knight
Tumble Beans Cafe and Play


"I’ve been out of town for photography training, but because of my funnel, 
I’ve grown my email lists and booked photography sessions even 
while I was gone.

Not only that, I have landed 7 dream clients that have been on 
my list to work with for years."

Brooke Jefferson
Brooke Janae Photography

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